Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Last minute Easter, easy and cheep...

Need a lot of table decorations? Need a lot of little gifts?  Most of these items come from the Dollar Tree. You don't need a lot of supplies.  A bit of glue, wire cutters and any other embellishments  you want i.e. glitter, ribbon etc.  You can make these as fancy or as plain as you want.
 The eggs are small, have a hinged top and are 24 in a package.  Your choice of Easter grass.  I had the chenille chicks left over, if you can't find any you can substitute the small styrofoam bunnies at the Dollar Tree OR place an Easter message inside OR a tiny birds nest OR ... well whatever idea you come up with.
Depending on how many you are making you will need bunches of flowers accordingly. Some of the Dollar Tree bunches work better than others.  You want lots of petals and a flat center.
 Put a small hole in the bottom of the egg...I put mine in the most rounded part of the egg. There may be holes there already but you want yours to be in the center.  I use an ice pick. If you are doing this with children , pre-do the holes.
 Remove the center of the flower, slide the egg onto the stem and re-insert the center. Add a bit of glue, Easter grass, a bit more glue and the chick. Push the leaf and flower up to the bottom of the egg.  There you go !     Add them to a vase of flowers, use them by themselves, these are a sweet gift for children to make and give.
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Of course I wasn't done !

I HAD to add more flowers..everywhere !  Now I feel much better :)  Are you able to make something "right" the first time?
   Here are some of the little things I love to find:

 Almost ANY needlework.  It has to be really really awful for me to pass one up !
The doves are done in very tiny meticulous stitches.  I read somewhere that needlework was "making a comeback", for me it never left !
 LOVE vintage prints.  This one is very small, 4"x5" but such a sweet cottage.
Okay, would anyone else have bought these vintage paper plates?  I bought all of them, 12 packages.  The label says " SERVISET by Southerland, Kalamazoo, Mich,  8 Serving plates 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" 1949 made in USA  ... first of all 1949 !!! made in USA  !!! they are not only lovely but very sturdy because they really DO NOT make them like they used to!
Have no idea what I will do with them, right now I'm just content to look at them, love them and marvel at how wonderful they are.  Yessssss I'ma crazy person !
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Angel Garden

Am moving as slowly as Spring !  Think I'm finished with this Angel Garden but ....maybe not :)
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Marching on .....

Have been working on a few more things, wreaths, fairy gardens, chalkboards, chalkboard tags, florals, Easter etc.  Ahhhh the wonderful side of ADD ! Here are some of the things I took to my booth last week AND a few photos of the mall :

  this moss rooster in planter, because it went together quickly...
... this beautiful antique ladies chair...I know it looks orangy gold in the picture but it's really pink !

...a lovely needlework, I very rarely pass up needlework !  A few sample photos of inside the Town Square Gift and Antique Mall ...

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Friday, March 14, 2014

March additions ....

Trying to get some things made to go along with found items to take to my booth,
so far ...
a couple of moss bunny baskets, a bird on a large moss ball...
bunny topiary and cute moss bunnies.
Hope to have more to show next week.
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

March !

February is going but it's going with a shower. At least it's leaving clean. Let's hope March is warmer and a little less wet.
Received from my swap partner Joyce, this absolutely delightful packet of happiness!

Look at all the sweet goodies she sent ... a precious little chick, cute little chick cut outs with bunny ears to attach !  and along with a spring card a fabulous St. Paddy's day tag.
Love the yellow paper roses, the buttons, the stickers ... Joyce you made my week !

This is my March swap card, tag and de-stash for Linda's A Swap for all Seasons. Beeing the color yellow  it was perfect for a bee theme.   My swapee Pam,  is a sewer, quilter, crafter so I sent vintage zippers, thread and trim.  Some vintage glass buttons and a pin...always have to have a little bling !

 ...Adding a photo of my favorite honey pot and vintage honey jars.
The honey pot was hand thrown by Giana Eden a potter who lives not too far from here ... I have a couple of her pieces.
Love to buy local when possible.
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   Am off and running today, heading out to the big city ... will try and catch up with you when I get back.   Until then, thank you for your sweet comments and ya'll beee sweet.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Finally got a little something done

at my booth.  For some time I've been wanting to paint the back of some shelves and finally it happened.  Please don't pay attention to the stuff (I seriously need a re-stock and re-arrange)  just look at the back of the shelves before :
Just not enough contrast.   Now after:
What do ya think?  I'm going to paint all of the backs eventually. 
Even though it needs stocking and re-arranging here are a few more photos:
And I'll leave with a shot of this pretty pink dresser because I'll be linking with
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Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy SweetHearts Day !

 Happy Valentine's Day ... hope you all have someone who loves you and someone that you love. 

Some time ago I found this beautiful hand mirror ... the mirror was missing but I wanted it for another purpose.  I found a small brass hook that fits through one of the pierced holes and will use it on the wall as a hanger.

Today my Sweetie took me "junkin' " and out to lunch.  We went to the big city .   I found this sweet cherub and some crocheted hearts.  A few other things but haven't gotten them out of the truck yet.   My Sweetie knows how to show me a great time :))
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Friday, February 7, 2014

February Swap

Linda has A Swap for All Seasons and I loved being in her swaps. She took a wee break but now she is baaaack  so I joined for February.
 The swaps now are: card, a tag and some de-stash.  Just received mine from Marie, how much fun it was to open the envelope and find :
Allll these goodies !

Marie created the sweetest card and tag...love them!

Bits of de-stash, will be using these soon.

Look at all these precious Valentines !
THANK YOU MARIE... you are a GREAT Swapper !!!

My swapee was Joyce.  She lives in the very fridge-ed Nawth and I thought she could use some brightening up :)    Her blog is red and turquoise, what's not to love there???  So I used those colors for my inspiration.   This is what I sent to Joyce:

De-stash was supposed to be red but you knooooow I had to put PINK in there !

De-stash !

Joyce loves paper dolls...another bit of inspiration for me.
The ladies that are regulars in this swap are wonderful with paper... me not so much but I do like to stretch and so I'm going to keep trying.   Thank you Marie and Joyce for a SWEEEEET swap !
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Monday, January 27, 2014

Cold? tired of it?

 Sooo I could whine about how cold it is here "up Nawth" but instead Ima gonna share some pictures of spring and we can all pretend it's here...or at least right around the corner.

This home is around the corner from ours.

Sigh, can't get here soon enough for me.

Even though it's pretty cold I'm still getting in some gooood shopping.  Will share some things I've found next week.

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                                 Until next week, ya'll take care and bee sweet.
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